Aldan HealthCare


Aldan HealthCare is India's leading pharmaceutical company, dealing in Gynaecology & Dermatology. 

At Aldan, we are dedicated to the Discovery, Development & Commercialization of innovative therapies intended to significantly improve outcomes in patients suffering from major global medical conditions.


Our Mission Statement


Our mission is to deliver health & improved lifestyle to mankind through our plethora of unique and exclusive formulations and to emerge as one of the leading pharmaceutical organizations in India.

Our aim is to provide healthcare with care, with a focus on improving patient care and meeting the needs of the medical fraternity.

Our Achievement

Aiming to be the best, Aldan Care is currently the best integrated Gynae & Derma pharmaceutical company in India. This denotes complete involvement in each & every step of production. We have currently the best and most effective innovation in the market for issues associated with gynaecology & dermatology.

Aldan domestic team comprises a network of around 75-100 field personnel catering to more than 15000 doctors, chemists, and stockiest together.

Innovative marketing strategies has been evolved which provide all its stakeholders with a cutting edge in the highly competitive Indian market.

Aldan HealthCare is the best Gynaecology Pharma Company In India & one of the Top Dermatology Pharmaceutical Companies In India